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21 marzo 2024

Sacred Bonds. Guided tour with Educators MAMM

The guided tours are a space accompanied by our Educators MAMM to delve into the context of the exhibitions in our galleries, as well as the artists’ motivations for their works.

«Sacred Bonds», a guided experience through The Good Life. Works of the Banco de la República Collection. In this visit we will explore the idea of the sacred from a social point of view; where the crafts, the territory and the bodies invite us to reflect on the bonds we establish with our surrounding.

About the exhibition

The exhibition displays over one hundred works from one of the most comprehensive collections of Colombian art and represents a rare opportunity to study and exhibit this collection outside the cultural centers of the Central Bank of Colombia. Curated by the MAMM team and with the support of the Arts and Other Collections Unit of the Banco de la República, The Good Life includes some of the most important Colombian art works of the past 70 years, conveying the significance of individual and collective life choices in the country. It is an invitation to think intersectionally about how (in a wink to, among others, the artist and philosopher Denise Ferreira da Silva) our actions align with ourselves, with others, and with the planet during our fleeting time on this earth.